The First and Last Annual Casserole Cook-Off

Well, we did it. On Sunday, January 28, 27 contestants competed in The First and Last Annual Casserole Cook-Off at Maxine's Tap Room in downtown Fayetteville. More than 100 guests joined the fun as four judges—Olivia Trimble, Irvin Camacho, Rob Qualls, and me—sampled each of the 27 casseroles. Submissions ranged from classics, including tuna casserole and broccoli rice casserole, to unique creations, like a deconstructed green bean aspic and a Thai-inspired casserole. We named six special category winners, but Susan Hall's sweet potato casserole took home the overall award, winning the coveted Palm d'Oven.

Sincere thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success.