Lawmakers Try to Get Guns Out of Dorms

Today, the first day of the 2018 fiscal session, Senator Will Bond (D-Little Rock) and I began the work of getting guns out of college dorm rooms. Under Act 562 of 2017, a person with a proper permit can carry a gun into his dorm room, but he's not allowed to store it there due to prior law that prohibits gun storage in dormitories. This means a student must keep his weapon within arm's reach at all times; otherwise, he's violating the law. It's an unintended and dangerous consequence of Act 562.

Because this is a fiscal session, lawmakers who want to consider non-budget legislation must introduce matching resolutions in both the House and Senate. Each resolution must receive a two-thirds vote of the members of the chamber. For the House, that's 67 votes; for the Senate, it's 24. Only upon approval of both resolutions may lawmakers then introduce their legislation.