Hi. I'm Greg.


That's my wife, Emily, and our daughter, Ava Claire, in the photo. Emily and I were both born and raised here in Northwest Arkansas—she in Rogers, I in Springdale—and now we're raising our own child in Fayetteville. We know how great Arkansas is and how blessed we are here in our state's northwest corner. We've got a strong economy, strong schools, great outdoor opportunities, and more.

We also know nearly one in four kids in Washington County might go to bed hungry tonight. We know nearly four in ten people struggle to make rent here in Northwest Arkansas, and we know tenants in our state face our country's worst landlord-tenant laws. We know hardworking people face the threat of wage theft, of not being paid what they're worth, of not being able to take time off the job to care for family or themselves. We know when it does come time to take care of loved ones or ourselves, affording the care we need can be tough if not impossible. We know thousands of Arkansans struggle to plan their lives thanks to unpredictable work scheduling. We know childcare can be expensive and often difficult to find and schedule. We know higher education is not the only path to success, but it's a good one, and it's increasingly all but out of reach for most Arkansans. We know low-income Arkansans spend a huge chunk of their paycheck just to access and use the money they earn—as much as 10 percent in some cases.

In short, our state's strong economy and low unemployment only get us so far. Too many Arkansans are struggling. Too often, life is stacked against them. And until our state works for everybody, I'll keep fighting.

I've got your back.