We want an Arkansas that works for everybody.


Working Families

Every Arkansan deserves the chance to find a job that pays enough to afford housing, provide for family, and put food on the table. Unfortunately, working Arkansans face the possibility of wage theft, of not being paid what they're worth, of having to choose between a job and taking care of a loved one. And the third of Arkansans who rent their homes face our country's worst landlord-tenant laws. We've got to do better for working families.



Education is the key to everything. Every parent that wants to send a child to pre-K should be able to do so. Our public schools should be among the best in the country. Anybody who wants to pursue higher education shouldn't have to worry about taking on a mountain of debt to get a degree. And we need continuing education opportunities for Arkansans looking to develop new skills.



Every Arkansan has a stake in our state's future, and each deserves the fullest opportunity to contribute to and share in its prosperity.


Health Care

Our state ranks at or near the bottom in too many rankings when it comes to health. Arkansans should expect better. We shouldn't accept being 47th in maternal mortality, 44th in infant mortality, 47th in cardiovascular deaths, 46th in cancer deaths, and 45th in premature deaths. And no one should face the risk of losing everything just to seek the medical care he or she needs.